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Dear Futurephone.com Customers,

As many of you know Futurephone's service has been disrupted by legal matters with several telephone carriers. Please be assured that nothing Futurephone.com LLC has done in providing our service is illegal. We are confident once the legal process is complete our service will resume.

If you have been following the internet blog's and press releases, one of the contentions brought in these cases is that our calls did not terminate in Iowa. If you placed calls to our service, you should review your phone statement and in particular the call detail. You will quickly find that no matter what carrier you use, that they charged you for a call to Iowa. It may have been a charge by the minute, a decrement to your bucket of minutes, or a part of your monthly plan. If the calls did not terminate in Iowa then why did the carriers bill you for the calls?

Most of you already are aware that the service we provided allowed you to dial our internet gateway. Once in the gateway we sent your international call over the internet. Since Futurephone did not charge for its service and 100% of the calls went over the internet, Futurephone does not fall under the category of a telecommunications carrier. Futurephone provided an internet connection.

Futurephone has notified the FCC of our intent to file a formal complaint. We have named all of the telephone companies that have interrupted our service. If we cannot come to a resolution through this process, Futurephone will file a Formal complaint and ask that the FCC rule on the following:

1. That Futurephone's calls terminated at our internet service in Iowa.
2. The long distance carriers must pay the access charges to the Iowa carriers.
3. An order for the telephone companies to reconnect our service immediately.

In an effort to bring more attention to this, feel free to complain to you local, state and federal agencies as well as you telephone provider regarding this matter.

Futurephone.com LLC

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